Choose Confidence over Confusion

Feeling confused in this delusional world about not being enough or equally competitive as our fellow friends , relatives , cousins or our so called competitors feels like a FOMO . Well , why can’t we feel proud of where we have come in life by our own dedication , patience , smart work and struggles for the individual identity creation.

Why we compare ourselves to someone else or influenced by someone’s opinion who don’t know anything about us ? Why we get influenced by other people opinions, achievements, behaviour and words . Why we get hurt so easily . Why we always try to look for someone else’s approval of us ? Why can’t we feel confident of what we are , how we are , where we are and where we will be heading in future .

Confusion is an illusion created to take away the confidence of our own worth and get the best of the blessings from destiny . Whereas confidence cannot change oh how things are but it can make you manifest goodness and happiness , peace and joy . Good things take time but happen as a result of our sheer determination, patience, calibre snd work .


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