Ease the communication in the digital world

2 min readJul 2, 2021

Most of us go through dilemmas of whether to WhatsApp or call . There are lot of conversations that can be easily done on WhatsApp with ease , so WhatsApp is most preferable for communication and small problems solving topics .WhatsApp replies are convenient but still some people don’t prefer WhatsApp messages and get intimidated by them and expect calls for each conversation or even worse want no communication mode because of their time constraints or authoritative nature .

This is the time when WhatsApp is used not just as a chat messenger but as a email like conversations too by many . But still some people are not able to reply on texts thats like non -acknowledgment of the sender’s urgency and message . It is even like the sender might not only be interested in double texting as blue ticks can be easily seen and the person can feel ignored . But the same problem is with calls , one whole conversation has to be done in one go without background disturbances. Someone might also feel ignored because he/she could not genuinely take call due to some reason . Also , some people prefer calls over WhatsApp and vice versa . Also when people cannot reply at that moment , they can simply type that they will reply later for sure especially when communication is important for someone .

Sometimes in my mind , the question arises that why don’t people update their WhatsApp status according to their preference of conversation . WhatsApp status can be like WhatsApp only , call only if urgent , call first then text etc . Its time when we update our status of WhatsApp like that because in digital world when most things are done remotely , lot of misunderstandings are created especially when conversations are done in authoritarian mode and professional where you cannot just randomly call or text anybody .

We need to ease the flow of conversations and not create barriers of authority , ego , lack of time or ignorance. A lot of misunderstanding are created due to lack of proper conversation tone , choice of words , and lack of interest in response . When communication can be done easily then why complicate it . Communicating well is the art which all of us must master it to avoid misunderstandings and satisfy the basic purpose of communication.