Overthinking is the thief of joy

2 min readJun 14, 2021

We millennials and Gen Z have the tendency of overthinking of the things that are not even important .Through overthinking we create our own world of insecurities in which we have everything but we curse ourselves for one thing that is not as per so called our illusional world of imagination in which everyone is doing better than us.

Sometimes we take away our own happiness by thinking about what others would think if I am not on the same path as they are . What I they do better stuff than me then I will be the reason for their laughter . What If I choose the wrong option over the right as at that time it is the only alternative ?What If it would have been better If I waited sometime more ? What If I had something else instead of that line ? What if it would have been if I had not connected with such a person ? What If i reacted differently? What if I don’t achieve the way ,my cousins , colleagues or friends are achieving .

The questions are endless but the answer is nobody is perfect but on a journey to diminish those imperfections over time .

In this world of overthinking, we have created a baggage of load of multiple thoughts that don’t matter as everyone has their own journey and destiny . Some get through goals easily , some get through it with difficulty , some get it with hard work , some get it with smart work . One day sooner , we all are where life takes us so why overthink to compete with others when we should we competing with ourselves .

Why overthink when I can think that variability makes us unique .