Shutdown Overthinking

2 min readSep 10, 2021


Sometimes not doing anything is the best therapy for the mind as when we think of too much of one particular thing too much . At that moment of time , everything goes blank but great ideas strike us randomly when we are not even thinking about it . Thinking for “out of the box” or novel idea happens on its own . No thinking is the best thinking . Give rest to mind and best idea may occur when you are busy in another work .

Just like our laptops have a shutdown tab , we need to shutdown overthinking just about one particular thing . Instead when we think about everything with insights , we may get a novel purpose or idea but we don’t figure it out as we have closed our senses and set our mindset in such a way whereby we think that novel ideas happen only when our focus is only on one thing with no deviations .

Thinking too much about one things leads to lot of negative apirit within the mind of frustration, hopelessness , anxiety and annoyance which furthers closes our mind towards concentration and achievement through development of capabilities within us.

Deviating from the direction is a path of realization to the way to right direction. Great things take time that’s why they are great and special . Take time to reach the ultimate destination with patience. There is a believe that accomplish mediocre in haste but accomplish wonders with patience and precision.

Think not to think outside the box ,but think within the box with zing to get zesty output of thoughts.