Whats in a name , everything is in a name ?

Does the name really matters ? Yes it does as it is the foremost piece of information about a person , item,brand , object , institution etc. All the notions seem to be formed around the name resulting in various misconceptions or opinions that be may be non relevant too .

It is desirable to have shorter names that can easily pronounced as they are considered easy to be remembered and recognised.As already said , the meaning of chosen name shall be easy to interpret with a meaning that creates certain positive value emotion and insight into the minds of people .

It is believed that people form convictions about anything and everything from whatever they can easily recall and name is the easiest to express notions as it is a way of medium to allocate pieces of rumours , facts , beliefs to a person or thing.

The name is the identity of anything and everybody , so, it must be affirmative, umique and in good limelight starting from the no negative emotions or connections are formed with the chosen name. We can choose our identity but how it is identified is biased and subjective.


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